Harvest Monday: Dill



Aside from lettuce, we haven’t harvested much this week aside from herbs. We used some parsley in a potato salad yesterday and also harvested some dill. I think we’ll use this on potatoes as well. All the herbs in our garden our going gangbusters and I need to remember to cook with them more.

Which herbs are you cooking with these days?


PS: Find out what others have been harvesting by checking out Daphne’s Dandelion’s Harvest Monday post.


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10 Responses to Harvest Monday: Dill

  1. Sandy I’ve never been able to grow dill and have given up – can you give me any tips?

  2. Daphne Gould says:

    In my last garden dill was a self sowing “weed”. I constantly weeded it out of my beds. Well I left plenty too for eating. I was figuring I’d have to plant this year at the new house, but I mulched my garlic last year with compost from the old house. I’m already getting too much dill coming up in that bed. Hopefully both that dill and the ones I planted will be strong and I’ll get dill all over again.

  3. Annette, I’ve never had trouble growing dill in our area and don’t know what kind of trouble you might be running into. Sometimes I start it from seed. Sometimes I buy plants at the nursery. What happens to your dill?

  4. Daphne, sounds like you’ve got a ready-made free supply getting started again! Mine hasn’t been as prolific as yours. You must have perfect dill growing conditions.

  5. Sherry says:

    I haven’t tried growing dill. But I have trouble grow parsley. They just wouldn’t germinate!

  6. kitsapFG says:

    I have basil plants in the house that are under the grow lights and will stay there until the weather warms up a bit more. In the meantime they are plenty big enough to start harvesting from so I am planning to snip some for use now and then. My chives have been abundant for a few weeks now and I have been trying to use them more. I tend to forget about them and yet they are quite tasty. The rosemary is getting to be an older plant and rather woody. I may sacrifice it to the plant gods this year and replace it with some new herbs that I may use more often.

  7. Robin says:

    We use our herbs here on a daily basis, some fresh and some that I have dried.

  8. Sandy it starts out fine (from seed or starts) and then gets eaten maybe? It just sort of disappears. I’ve put it in full sun, part sun, full shade, fertile loam regular bed, raised beds, dirt. No matter.

  9. Aunt Judy says:

    Of course if you have too many at once you can chop and freeze them in little baggies.

  10. Barbie says:

    I tend to forget the herbs in the garden. I think I need to write myself a note and stick it to my spice cabinet!

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