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What month is this anyway? April or December?

The weather has been tumultuous and all I can think about is bees.  I really need the little guys to come out and pollinate my trees.  A few days ago we woke up to a mixture of snow and hail.  … Continue reading

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Birds and bees and kiwi

After a brief winter hiatus, the chickens are now laying at normal levels again.  From our eight chickens, we’re getting 5 – 6 eggs a day, which translates into over three dozen eggs a week.  For a family of four, that … Continue reading

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It’s do or die time and a rhododendron’s life hangs in the balance

We’re slogging through the dryest time of the year in the Pacific Northwest.  Of course, I’m sure posting something about our dry spell will lead to an immediate downpour.  But right now it is dry and I’m starting to see which … Continue reading

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