Bees, basil, lemons, and eggs

Orchard mason bee condo

Orchard mason bee condo

Steve the bee guy installed the orchard mason bee condo a few days ago. Last year, Steve and I worked out a nifty arrangement. He uses my yard as a base for an orchard mason bee colony and I get the benefit of the bee pollination. This arrangement is great because it requires no work on my part. As you can see, this is a pretty large condo. Last year, he installed a smaller condo. If you click on the link, you’ll also notice that the bees were already out in force this time last year. Our cold, wet spring has the bees behind schedule as well.

Ranier cherry blossoms

Ranier cherry blossoms

It would be nice if the bees did hatch soon because the fruit trees are starting to blossom. The early plums have already blossomed, the cherries are blossoming now, and the pears and early apples will be blossoming in the next few weeks.

Basil cuttings

Basil cuttings

Although I’ve just started moving my tomato seedlings out the greenhouse (they are a little behind schedule), inside I’ve been creating new basil plants by rooting cuttings. A neighbor gave me some extra fresh basil she purchased at a store (for cooking) about a month ago and I’ve been turning that cutting into more and more plants. I’ll also start some from seed, but it has been fun to get some basil started this way. Plus, it was totally free.

Meyer lemons

Meyer lemons

Also inside, my Meyer lemon has actually produced lemons! Andrew has an idea that we’ll take these two lemons and make a big pitcher of lemonade. I don’t think they will stretch that far, but we will use them soon. Also, if you look closely in the tree you’ll see evidence of our indoor egg hunt.

Easter rooster

Easter rooster

Finally, the kids thought it was hilarious to “hide” an egg behind the little rooster statue. It was pretty funny and clever of them.

Happy Easter!


PS: I found a great article on A Way to Garden called “12 Asparagus Don’ts.” I know I did at least a few of these don’ts, which might explain why I’ve had so much trouble with my asparagus bed.


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1 Response to Bees, basil, lemons, and eggs

  1. kitsapFG says:

    I saw my first bee of the season on Saturday. I was just thrilled to see him as they have been conspicuously absent this cold spring. The mason bee project is really fun and I love the egg laying rooster statue! 😀

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