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Electricity usage: One step forward, two steps back

Between the middle of July and the middle of August, we installed a few dozen new compact fluorescent bulbs in our house. We’ve been more diligent than ever about turning off lights.  As the middle of the month approached, I … Continue reading

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Hung out to dry

While we may be looking a bit countrified, a bit Ma and Pa Kettle in this photo, it actually shows that we’ve made some real progress. If you look past the dormant lawn/weeds that have turned into exposed dirt thanks … Continue reading

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Extreme green living and sustainable sustainability

On the occasions I’ve watched The Biggest Loser, I couldn’t help but think it was a terrible example for showing people how to lose weight. Sure the candidates had amazing, dramatic results, but the methods were extreme and not exactly … Continue reading

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More oil drilling, the answer?

I’ve been irritated by Obama’s softening on oil drilling. Here’s a great video that explains my irritation way better than I could. Plus it’s funny. Enjoy. Sandy

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Go to the light…

As alluded to previously, one of the things we’re doing is trying to increase efficiency given the existing infrastructure of the house.  To wit:  we’re replacing the majority of incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs.  Now, personally, I’ve never … Continue reading

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Laundry day, our worst electricity usage day of the week

I have to say, the Puget Sound Energy site is quite good.  I’m able to get way more information about my electricity and gas usage than I ever knew I could.  If you look at your bill details online, you can break your usage … Continue reading

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A bad case of shingles

This will be the second roof I’ve replaced in my lifetime of homeownership (the first was a composition to composition replacement at our old house…even with ruling out cedar shakes, the choices now are a bit more plentiful: slate, fiber-reinforced concrete shake, green/living, composition, and standing seam metal. Continue reading

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It’s do or die time and a rhododendron’s life hangs in the balance

We’re slogging through the dryest time of the year in the Pacific Northwest.  Of course, I’m sure posting something about our dry spell will lead to an immediate downpour.  But right now it is dry and I’m starting to see which … Continue reading

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Why I am saying No to the Prius

I know I have some bad preferences.  I’ve already explained my issue with the thermostat and my preference for 72 degrees.  Next on my list:  I love my Volvo V70 and won’t trade it for a Prius.  On the freeway, … Continue reading

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It ain’t easy being green

I’ve already acknowledged my energy illiteracy. I’ve also acknowledged that I have much to learn about modern homesteading. This means that decisions that we used to be able to make quickly now require becoming more informed, and this takes time. … Continue reading

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