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I’ve gone EV!

I’ve been planning to purchase an energy-efficient vehicle for years. Originally, I thought about purchasing a Prius, but decided against it. As I explained in “Why I’m saying no to the Prius,” which I wrote back in 2008, there were … Continue reading

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School days (and carpooling woes), more chickens, and lettuce success

With the start of school, our effort to carpool is falling apart. Previously, our two kids attended the same school. This made it very easy for Derek and I to drop them off at their school and then head to … Continue reading

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More oil drilling, the answer?

I’ve been irritated by Obama’s softening on oil drilling. Here’s a great video that explains my irritation way better than I could. Plus it’s funny. Enjoy. Sandy

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Why I am saying No to the Prius

I know I have some bad preferences.  I’ve already explained my issue with the thermostat and my preference for 72 degrees.  Next on my list:  I love my Volvo V70 and won’t trade it for a Prius.  On the freeway, … Continue reading

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