Red peppers and canned bruschetta

Peppers and bruschetta

Peppers and bruschetta

The last few warm days certainly helped the tomatoes in the greenhouse redden up, but only some of them. I still have more green tomatoes than red. That said, I did have enough to make a small batch of canned bruschetta. I know it won’t be as totally awesome as the fresh bruschetta I’ve been making, but it will be a nice taste of summer during the winter months. I’ve also got a lot of red peppers starting to ripen. Once again, the Italian sweet peppers have been great producers for me. The King of the North peppers are doing well, too, and I’m watching the Alma Paprika peppers with interest as their color starts to change.

Happy gardening.



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1 Response to Red peppers and canned bruschetta

  1. I’m in the same boat as you. All green tomatoes, and two red ones. lol

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