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Garlic & potatoes

My softneck garlic starting flopping over earlier in the week, so I knew it was time to harvest. Harvesting garlic is easy (just pull from the ground), but curing is an important step for long-term storage. After the garlic dries … Continue reading

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New coop and a visit from a long lost friend

We recently decided to add a second coop, this one in the goat pasture. We plan to use the new coop as the primary one and the existing coop as the home for chicks/pullets or any sick hens we might … Continue reading

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Chicken coop extension: Chicken tunnel and the north wing

Hindsight being 20/20, we realized after the fact that we could have sited the chicken coop and run better.  We originally decided to place them close to the house because it was the only fenced area.  I still think this … Continue reading

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Cooped up: Chickens in their new home

We’ve been housing our four new chickens in the greenhouse while we waited for the coop to be built.  Luckily, the weather has been mild and it hasn’t been too hot in there.  Dylan from ChickenRanching.com came over yesterday and built … Continue reading

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