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Two steps backwards, one hobbled step forward

Many aspects of gardening involve adjusting for the unplanned and unexpected. Weather, of course, is a primary element to which gardeners have to adjust and readjust expectations and plans. Earlier in the week, I planned on using this weekend to … Continue reading

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Merciless gardening

  Just as the rats must die, seedlings must die as well. Seed starting invariably involves the process of thinning, which is a nice way of saying purposely killing some of the plants. When I planted my tomato seedlings, I planted them … Continue reading

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Gardening 2011 has just commenced!

Hello everyone. I haven’t posted since last fall because I decided to take the winter off from blogging. It was good to take a break, but it is also good to be back! As you can see from above, I’ve … Continue reading

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Gawky chicks and the indoor phantom insects return!

A few things for my quick post today. First, I noticed more insect damage under the grow lights yesterday. As you can see in the lower right, one of the watermelon seeds was cut down.  So the seedling damage continues.  … Continue reading

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Under the grow lights: The summer crops emerge

Last weekend, I seeded my summer crops.  As you can see, I’m having really good germination and early growth under the new grow lights.  In these 28 pots, I have three types of cucumbers (Alibi, Green Slam, and Boothby’s Blonde), … Continue reading

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Help! Something is chopping down my seedlings

Ok, I need some help with a quick diagnostic here.  Something is chopping down my pepper seedlings.  The plants, as you can see, are chopped off at the base.  These seedlings are indoors under the grow lights.  The plants did have … Continue reading

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Photo album: Limes, onions, garlic, lettuce, peach trees, and goats

The longer days are evident in the new growth happening in the garden. Seeds are emerging, plants are greening up and growing, and buds are beginning to emerge on trees. Before looking outside, here’s a shot of the lime tree … Continue reading

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Digging in: Fruit trees & asparagus

A big box from Raintree Nursery arrived yesterday. Perfect timing! It arrived just in time for planting on a lovely, sunny day, plus my in-laws were in town and available to help kid wrangle and dig holes.  The order included … Continue reading

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