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Tomato seedlings

Unlike years past, my tomato seedlings are doing great this year! In the photo, you can see the tomato seedlings I just repotted. I lifted the lights up away from the plants just to take the photo. Normally, the lights … Continue reading

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Thwarting moles, greenhouse plantings, and the final 2010 carrot harvest

As I’ve mentioned before, we have industrial grade moles in our yard. When we put in most of the raised beds, we didn’t mole-proof them. It just didn’t occur to us. Well, it occurred to us that we had a problem … Continue reading

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The bees arrive, the tomato seedlings rally, and pink blueberries!

 Just as I was about to embark on a series of beekeeping classes, I found Steve the bee guy on Craigslist. Steve offered to help me set up an orchard mason bee house. This was great timing because my schedule was … Continue reading

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Tomato before & after and plum in bloom

Previously, I mentioned that my LED grow light system was not working out well. The plants were too leggy and were not maturing as fast as they should.  I broke down and purchased a new light system before the next … Continue reading

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