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Asparagus “stump” soup

This is a repost from last year. I’m reposting this to kick off asparagus season and to cheer my friend Kelly on as she makes her first batch. After reading the latest post on A Posse Ad Esse, I hung … Continue reading

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Jam and this and that

Here’s my first batch of jam of the season. The kids are eating all the strawberries out of the garden as soon as they ripen, so we bought a half flat of strawberries from the Woodinville Farmers’ Market. I could … Continue reading

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Hanging planters, herbs, peaches, and asparagus

This is my third year using the Topsy Turvy planters, so I think I have enough experience with them to review them accurately. I give them a grade of C-, maybe a D+. The good thing about these planters is … Continue reading

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Photo album: The garden in March

I finally finished the giant weeding project! Now, on to more fun things. It looks like hand pollinating the mini peach trees in the greenhouse was successful.  Both trees have set a lot of fruit.  The lettuce boxes we built a few … Continue reading

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Clothesline season, garden disappointments, and corn

A beautiful sunny weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to kick off the clothesline season for the year.  As I’ve previously written, our highest electricity usage happens on the weekends, which is when I do all the laundry. On a … Continue reading

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Digging in: Fruit trees & asparagus

A big box from Raintree Nursery arrived yesterday. Perfect timing! It arrived just in time for planting on a lovely, sunny day, plus my in-laws were in town and available to help kid wrangle and dig holes.  The order included … Continue reading

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