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5000 kWhs of production!

We just surpassed 5000 kWhs of solar energy¬†production! As you can see from our solar log, we’re averaging 30.66 kWhs a day. Of course this will go down as we head into the winter months, but we’re feeling good about … Continue reading

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A good energy usage report!

Contrary to most people, I look forward to seeing our monthly electricity and gas bill. I’m always hopeful that the numbers will show year-over-year energy reduction. Our latest bill showed great progress! At the same time, we produced 919 kWhs … Continue reading

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1012 things to love about solar power

Today, we surpassed 1,000 kWhs of solar production! This took 37 days of production, making our daily production a bit over 27 kWhs which isn’t too bad considering our spotty weather during April. As a simple measure, each kWh of … Continue reading

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Potatoes & raspberries

It was a stunningly beautiful weekend so, of course, I did venture forth into the garden to do some gardening. I decided to pace myself and do just a few of the many tasks on my to-do list this weekend. … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a solar panel installation

As some of you may have gathered by the We’ve Got the Power post by Sandy, we have finally taken the plunge into solar power / photovoltaic (PV) generation.¬† We have been wanting to install a PV array on our … Continue reading

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We’ve got the power (solar that is)

After a speedy and flawless solar installation from Puget Sound Solar, we’ve been waiting for Puget Sound Energy to install our new meters in order to officially turn the system on and begin net metering. Well, today was the day! … Continue reading

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Solar panel installation

It’s been an exciting week! The Puget Sound Solar crew arrived and installed all of our Silicon Energy panels. These panels are made in Washington state and qualify for the highest energy incentives. Above, you can see 33 of our … Continue reading

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Tomato seedlings

Unlike years past, my tomato seedlings are doing great this year! In the photo, you can see the tomato seedlings I just repotted. I lifted the lights up away from the plants just to take the photo. Normally, the lights … Continue reading

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Garden season 2012 commences

After a long blogging hiatus, I’m back! And I’m really late kicking off garden season 2012. Truth be told, I’ve been working on some other projects (not related to gardening and sustainability) that have monopolized my spare time over the … Continue reading

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A bad case of shingles

This will be the second roof I’ve replaced in my lifetime of homeownership (the first was a composition to composition replacement at our old house…even with ruling out cedar shakes, the choices now are a bit more plentiful: slate, fiber-reinforced concrete shake, green/living, composition, and standing seam metal. Continue reading

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