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Two steps backwards, one hobbled step forward

Many aspects of gardening involve adjusting for the unplanned and unexpected. Weather, of course, is a primary element to which gardeners have to adjust and readjust expectations and plans. Earlier in the week, I planned on using this weekend to … Continue reading

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Bees, basil, lemons, and eggs

Steve the bee guy installed the orchard mason bee condo a few days ago. Last year, Steve and I worked out a nifty arrangement. He uses my yard as a base for an orchard mason bee colony and I get … Continue reading

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The ladies are going gangbusters

I haven’t posted about the ladies for a while. This is our third year with chickens. Right now, we have a flock of seven hens. We’ve got one Australorp, one Barred Rock, two New Hampshires, one Golden Sexlink, and two … Continue reading

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Saved from the stew pot

I’ve written previously that our chickens have been getting idle threats that they are heading to the stew pot if they don’t start laying soon. This threat is made even more idle by the fact that I don’t even eat … Continue reading

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