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Take that moles & a new project commences

Today, we finished the mole proofing project. All told, we dug out eight existing raised beds, installed hardware cloth, and then refilled the beds. We also built two new beds, installing the hardware cloth up front this time. Take that … Continue reading

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Photo album: Greenhouse in February, 2010

I love my greenhouse.  This will be the second full year we’ve had the structure and I continue to be thankful that we have it. Although we don’t use it exactly as originally planned (we were never able to get the heat … Continue reading

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The garden in November, plus yummy bread

I’ve been hibernating. A thoroughly enjoyable eight-week leave from work ended a few weeks ago, but the hibernation began well before that.  There is no excuse other than I didn’t feel like tackling the fall garden tasks even though I had … Continue reading

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