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Clothesline season, garden disappointments, and corn

A beautiful sunny weekend gave me the perfect opportunity to kick off the clothesline season for the year.  As I’ve previously written, our highest electricity usage happens on the weekends, which is when I do all the laundry. On a … Continue reading

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December utility bill, snow, snow, snow, and animal husbandry in a frozen tundra

Our December utility bill (covering mid November to mid December) shows our best energy reduction results so far. Our daily average K HW usage for electricity was down 17%.  Our daily average THRM usage for natural gas was down 34%.  There are two primary reasons for … Continue reading

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Here comes the rain: Barrels, clotheslines, firing up the furnace, and chocolate zucchini bread

Summer in Seattle is short and can end abruptly.  In the last week, we’ve gone from days in the 80s to barely hitting 60, with lots of rain to boot. The change in weather has impact on many aspects of … Continue reading

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First Steps: A rough draft of our zero fossil fuel plan

When we first moved into this house, aside from the scary-ass grey shag carpet and the popcorn on the ceiling, we noticed that (a) there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot of insulation in the crawl spaces (attic & … Continue reading

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The Basics: Learning about our energy usage

I automate all my payments.  Everything flows into and out of my accounts digitally, automatically, and that means aside from seeing the amounts when I review my spending, I usually do not see the details behind the payments for my … Continue reading

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