OK, I’m back to talk about coal

Coal on KCTS 9

Coal on KCTS 9

After the shortest blog vacation ever, I’m back because I want to start talking about coal. The Coal documentary on PBS outlines the issues far better than I could in a single blog post, so check it out.

Additionally, we should all, especially those of us in the Pacific Northwest, start paying much more attention to the proposed coal terminals that could lead to coal trains running through our communities. Recently, the Army Corps of Engineers ruled that it won’t consider environmental impact in the coal export terminal reviews. Grist covers this topic in “Coal foes suffer setback in fight against exports.”

I’ll leave you with a new documentary that is trying to get funded on Kickstarter. In fact, this is the first Kickstarter campaign I’ve funded. Check out the promotional video for Things of Intrinsic Worth, which will look at the impact of coal on Montana ranchers. Montana is one of the western states that wants to send coal through the proposed new coal terminals in Washington state. And remember, this coal isn’t even for the U.S. It’s bound for Asia, primarily China. Not that the location matters in the end, because burning this coal impacts us all.


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