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Strawberry jam, peaches, and peas

I picked enough strawberries today to make my first batch of jam. It was a half batch, but I’ll take it! With our wet weather, the strawberry patch has been doing OK, but I do have some fruit that has … Continue reading

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Yes, I can

We’ve had a bumper crop of Sungold tomatoes this season. The plants go all the way up to the top of the greenhouse (at least 12 feet up) and have been producing for weeks. Last weekend,  I picked two pounds … Continue reading

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Pretty as a peach

Even though I almost killed the peach and nectarine trees in the greenhouse last winter (I totally forgot about watering them for months), the trees rallied this spring and came fully back to life after a few weeks of watering. … Continue reading

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Raised beds, greenhouse, and peaches in May

It’s May, but barely, and I’m still working on getting all my summer crops into the ground. In part, this has taken extra time because we’re still working on our big garden infrastructure project of the year, a few new … Continue reading

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Canning and late summer harvests

Even with the wimpy and slow-to-produce summer we’ve had, August is a busy time in the garden and the kitchen. It’s pretty common during this month for me to have multiple projects going on at the same time, as the picture … Continue reading

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 Miracle of gardening miracles! I successfully grew peaches in the greater Seattle area. This is no small feat even during years with ideal weather (which is rare), but it is pretty amazing this year considering the cold spring and summer we’ve … Continue reading

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Hanging planters, herbs, peaches, and asparagus

This is my third year using the Topsy Turvy planters, so I think I have enough experience with them to review them accurately. I give them a grade of C-, maybe a D+. The good thing about these planters is … Continue reading

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Photo album: The garden in March

I finally finished the giant weeding project! Now, on to more fun things. It looks like hand pollinating the mini peach trees in the greenhouse was successful.  Both trees have set a lot of fruit.  The lettuce boxes we built a few … Continue reading

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Photo album: Greenhouse in February, 2010

I love my greenhouse.  This will be the second full year we’ve had the structure and I continue to be thankful that we have it. Although we don’t use it exactly as originally planned (we were never able to get the heat … Continue reading

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