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Thwarting moles, greenhouse plantings, and the final 2010 carrot harvest

As I’ve mentioned before, we have industrial grade moles in our yard. When we put in most of the raised beds, we didn’t mole-proof them. It just didn’t occur to us. Well, it occurred to us that we had a problem … Continue reading

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Gardening 2011 has just commenced!

Hello everyone. I haven’t posted since last fall because I decided to take the winter off from blogging. It was good to take a break, but it is also good to be back! As you can see from above, I’ve … Continue reading

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The greenhouse that keeps on giving & my albino carrot

A couple of weeks ago I thought I had picked the last tomatoes of the season. I was wrong. Last weekend I was sure it would be the last. Wrong again. The tomatoes keep on coming. This will end soon, … Continue reading

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This carrot’s a winner & the tomatoes rally

These St. Valery carrots have been the best producing carrots of the season. See the little guy at the bottom of the picture? It is another variety planted at the same time as the St. Valery carrots, but that variety hasn’t produced … Continue reading

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Pears are a pain in the ass

I’ve done a bunch of canning this summer. I’ve canned jam, tomato sauce and soup, peaches, applesauce, and more. This was my first time canning pears. Compared to everything else, the pears were difficult. I bought a box of pears … Continue reading

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Dangmoles, greenhouse greens, and alpine strawberries

I’ve complained about moles so much that my four-year-old son thinks the official name for a mole is “dangmole.” “Look, it’s a dangmole hole!” We’ve had problems with moles in this yard forever, so I’m not sure why it didn’t occur … Continue reading

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Garden transformation and what we’re eating

I’ve gardened for years, but most of my gardening experience has been with ornamental (as opposed to edible) plants.  When we moved into our house in 2002, we knew the yard needed a lot of work.  We had no idea that … Continue reading

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