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Final summer harvest & I LOVE my Leaf

In the late fall and winter, I have to remind myself to head out the greenhouse every few weeks to water the potted trees. Obviously, they get zero rainfall inside and it’s a task I sometimes forget. While watering today, … Continue reading

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High summer in the garden

Earlier this year, after the removal of the big leaf maple, we planted an edible landscape garden, which is a mix of ornamentals and edibles heavily mulched by the big leaf maple wood chips. Some of my edibles are loving this environment. … Continue reading

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First blueberry and tomato

The blueberries are coming! We’re just a week or two away from our first batch of mixed berry jam (Lily’s favorite) and blueberries for fresh eating. This year, I’ve got about 5 bushes with a good amount of blueberries and probably … Continue reading

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Tomatoes & hummingbirds

In spite of the wet, cool conditions outside, the tomatoes in the greenhouse are putting on signficant growth and are starting for form tomatoes. This year, we’re doing something new to trellis the Sungold tomatoes, which get huge in our greenhouse. … Continue reading

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Grape pruning, bees, and an essential gardening tool

Grapes need a good pruning each year. They produce more grapes when properly pruned. While there are different methods for pruning grapes, I keep grape pruning pretty simple. I focus on a number of “lead” vines and hack pretty much … Continue reading

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I’ve been harvesting tomatoes in onesies and twosies for a few weeks now, but with the recent heat I’m finally getting full batches of tomatoes ripening at once. I smell tomato sauce making and canning in my future this weekend. … Continue reading

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Yes, I can

We’ve had a bumper crop of Sungold tomatoes this season. The plants go all the way up to the top of the greenhouse (at least 12 feet up) and have been producing for weeks. Last weekend,  I picked two pounds … Continue reading

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Peas, tomatoes, roses, and an awesome water saving device

The peas are finally emerging! I planted these peas back in March and then they did a whole lot of nothing for a while and I thought I might have to start over. Germination was not great, so I recently added … Continue reading

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For all the garden geeks out there – my “hot” bed

This spring has been cold and wet. We’re a few days away from May and it is still cold and wet. Fearing a year with wimpy tomato production (again), I took some drastic measures. I created a “hot” grow bed … Continue reading

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Merciless gardening

  Just as the rats must die, seedlings must die as well. Seed starting invariably involves the process of thinning, which is a nice way of saying purposely killing some of the plants. When I planted my tomato seedlings, I planted them … Continue reading

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