One potato, one potato

Trench method for growing potatoes

Trench method for growing potatoes

This year, I am only growing one potato variety. I’m dealing with some space constraints since we haven’t added as many new beds as I thought we might so I decided to grow just my favorite variety, La Ratte, which tends not to be easily available in stores. La Ratte is excellent for soups and salads and also tastes really good sautéed with onion. Last year, I grew potatoes in grow bags, which worked out OK, but I found the bags were a bit of a pain and decided to grow in a bed instead this year. To grow the potatoes in the bed, I’m following the method outlined by Laura at The Modern Victory Garden. Check out her useful guidance there.

Wire cover for potato bed

Wire cover for potato bed

After I finished planting the potatoes, I stretched out some wire fencing material to cover the bed. This is in an attempt to keep dogs out of the bed. It’s not uncommon for me to find dog prints in my freshly planted beds and the bone meal makes this bed extra tempting to dogs. I hope it works.

The rhubarb bed

The rhubarb bed

Elsewhere in the garden, the rhubarb is breaking through the ground. A few weeks ago we added this 3 X 3 bed just for rhubarb. I moved the one plant I had and added a few new rhubarb roots. Rhubarb plants take up a pretty good amount of space and I wanted an area where they could stretch out without problem. So far, so good on this bed.

I also noticed today that the peas I planted over a week ago are popping up through the soil. I was a little worried that I’d have to start over with the peas because right after I planted them we had a number of days of non-stop heavy rain. Looks like they’ll make it as well.

Happy gardening!



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3 Responses to One potato, one potato

  1. Aunt Judy says:

    And another way to plant potatoes is in thick layers of straw, which you keep moist during the growing season. It is sooo easy to harvest them, then–you don’t have to dig them.

  2. Derek says:

    Hi, Judy!

    It should be noted that tonight I chased Bodie (big, dumb neighbor dog) away from the bed because he was *very* interested in the bone meal. Thankfully, he was too dumb to get under the wire.

  3. kitsapFG says:

    Thanks for the shout out Sandy! If the weather will give me a break, I hope to get going with my big potato patch planting this coming weekend. The seed potatoes have been chitting and are ready with new sprouts to go into the ground. When our dog was alive (she passed away about a year and ahalf ago) she was horrible about digging up any bed I put bonemeal into. I always had to cover them with netting to keep her out.

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