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Canning and late summer harvests

Even with the wimpy and slow-to-produce summer we’ve had, August is a busy time in the garden and the kitchen. It’s pretty common during this month for me to have multiple projects going on at the same time, as the picture … Continue reading

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Pickle help needed!

OK, about a month ago I started a batch of deli-style pickles, following (to a T) the recipe in the Ball Complete Guide to Home Preservation book. The pickles are supposed to sit in the brine for at least three … Continue reading

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Flock integration and deli style pickles

  Last spring, we bought four new baby chicks (three Golden Sex Links and one Golden Laced Wyandotte). The baby chicks have grown quickly and it’s about time that we integrate them into our existing flock of five hens. Integrations can … Continue reading

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More canning, beans and pickles

It has been a busy weekend! In addition to the spiced plum jam I made on Saturday, I took on two more canning projects this weekend: beans and cucumbers. Everything in the garden seems to be maturing (and require attention) at once.  The … Continue reading

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First adventures in canning

I’ve never canned before. At all. In fact, I didn’t even have basic canning supplies until I bought some last weekend. I took the plunge this weekend and made a batch of pickles. The cucumbers were a mix of Alibi cukes … Continue reading

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