Al Gore’s 10 Year Challenge

The reason I created this blog and am embarking on this challenge is quite simple. I heard Al Gore speak and his message really resonated with me. I knew I had to take personal responsibility and change the way I live. I care about the environmental legacy we live our children. Not just my two children, but all children. I also believe that we are an an inflection point, a point from which great change, either good or bad, can occur, and I want to take an active role in helping to set “good change” up for success. Listen to Mr. Gore for yourself and think about how, with maybe one small step at a time, you can join in to help us all realize long-term environmental success.

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8 Responses to Al Gore’s 10 Year Challenge

  1. sinfonian2 says:

    That is quite a goal! Here in the PNW we have a leg up with our existing hydroelectric and strong potential for wind power. But if you look back east, it’s coal or nuclear. And that’s not even thinking autos and other gas fueld products.

    However, I’ve always said with necessity is the mother of invention all we need is for all the oil to go away and we’ll have hydrogen cars in 5 years. One can hope it won’t take that drastic a change.

  2. DoubleD says:

    This is an admirable mission and something worthy to dedicate some life energy to. We too are making changes in our life to live more responsibly – but nothing like you are undertaking. I look forward to learning more from you as your journey continues – and am sure I will find many things we can do too that will be a step in the right direction.

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  4. I have joined our town’s recycling committee. I am trying to educate my community to reuse, recycle and compost. This month we have 2 programs at the public library. I am taking my own garden plot more seriously this year- I hope to have my squash succeed-will pollinate by hand as the bees failed last year.Thanks for sharing.

  5. willrichjou says:

    Hi I was wondering how you installed the solar panels to the roof? Did you screw them into studs or clip them? I looked at another house that had clipped their array onto their tin roof instead of drilling them in.

    • Hello Will. I went back to the article on this and it looks like the panels were screwed in. We had a professional installation done (this was totally beyond our technical skill level) so they decided the best way to attach to the metal roof.

  6. Very good to take up this challenge – good luck šŸ™‚

  7. maryconsidered says:

    Thank-you for sharing this video and good luck on your challenge!

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