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The best Mother’s Day present and garlic potatoes

Derek provides the strong back in our gardening relationship. I dream up all sorts of projects and Derek gets roped in when something exceeds my strength or patience level. Today, without any prompting, Derek volunteered to power wash the greenhouse.  … Continue reading

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Take that moles & a new project commences

Today, we finished the mole proofing project. All told, we dug out eight existing raised beds, installed hardware cloth, and then refilled the beds. We also built two new beds, installing the hardware cloth up front this time. Take that … Continue reading

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Rats, worms, moles, and dirt

Before I discuss some of the nasty beasts in my garden, I wanted to start with the pretty blossoms of the mini peach and nectarine trees in the greenhouse. I think I’m going to do some hand pollinating in there today. … Continue reading

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Thwarting moles, greenhouse plantings, and the final 2010 carrot harvest

As I’ve mentioned before, we have industrial grade moles in our yard. When we put in most of the raised beds, we didn’t mole-proof them. It just didn’t occur to us. Well, it occurred to us that we had a problem … Continue reading

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Moles, bees, flowers and gardening zen

It appears as though the hardware treatment we did to two of our raised beds is working!  The moles have been digging like crazy around the beds, but they don’t appear able to get in.  Now I just have six … Continue reading

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Dangmoles, greenhouse greens, and alpine strawberries

I’ve complained about moles so much that my four-year-old son thinks the official name for a mole is “dangmole.” “Look, it’s a dangmole hole!” We’ve had problems with moles in this yard forever, so I’m not sure why it didn’t occur … Continue reading

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