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A perfect goat life

Ah, to be Lucy. Eat all day long and then take a long nap in the sun using a super full tummy as a pillow. Not a bad life indeed . . . Sandy

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Welcome Jasmine, our new Kinder goat

Join us in welcoming Jasmine, our new Kinder doeling, to our menagerie. Jasmine is the black and tan goat standing in the front of the picture, with Lucy and Harry behind her. Kinder goats, a cross between a Nubian and … Continue reading

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Jam and this and that

Here’s my first batch of jam of the season. The kids are eating all the strawberries out of the garden as soon as they ripen, so we bought a half flat of strawberries from the Woodinville Farmers’ Market. I could … Continue reading

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A day in the slow life

 Over at Backyard Feast, Toni put together a “A day in the slow life” meme and asked me to participate. In a follow up post, she wrote about The Paradox of Slow, which is equally as interesting. I pondered this topic earlier in the year … Continue reading

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Jam season and the ladies’ new home

Although the weather remains more clouds than sun, the temperature has been inching up week after week and the garden is progressing. Yesterday, I picked 3 pounds of strawberries from the strawberry patch. This was from the old patch that … Continue reading

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Muck and other yucky stuff

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a teenage nephew in want of money will be willing to muck out a goat barn. Thankfully, this was the case today. Following of the “deep bedding” methodology, we don’t clean out the goat barn often.  We layer … Continue reading

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Photo album: Limes, onions, garlic, lettuce, peach trees, and goats

The longer days are evident in the new growth happening in the garden. Seeds are emerging, plants are greening up and growing, and buds are beginning to emerge on trees. Before looking outside, here’s a shot of the lime tree … Continue reading

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December utility bill, snow, snow, snow, and animal husbandry in a frozen tundra

Our December utility bill (covering mid November to mid December) shows our best energy reduction results so far. Our daily average K HW usage for electricity was down 17%.  Our daily average THRM usage for natural gas was down 34%.  There are two primary reasons for … Continue reading

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Photo album: Chickens, goats, greenhouse

We bought four chickens on Saturday.  Two Australorps and two Buff Orpingtons.  I figured out which breeds to get by using a breed selector tool.  Who knew such a thing existed?  In selecting chickens I was looking for a few things:  … Continue reading

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I finally know what I want to be when I grow up

No longer having aspirations of fame and riches (well, I never really aspired to these things) and also having given up on becoming the great American novelist, a world-respected academic, or an Olympic gymnast, I’ve set my sights on a … Continue reading

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