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One potato, one potato

This year, I am only growing one potato variety. I’m dealing with some space constraints since we haven’t added as many new beds as I thought we might so I decided to grow just my favorite variety, La Ratte, which … Continue reading

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The ladies are going gangbusters

I haven’t posted about the ladies for a while. This is our third year with chickens. Right now, we have a flock of seven hens. We’ve got one Australorp, one Barred Rock, two New Hampshires, one Golden Sexlink, and two … Continue reading

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Berries, garlic, and a rat update

Finally! A nice sunny day on the weekend. Today was the perfect day to get caught up on some spring gardening tasks. First, following the instructions by Tom @ Tall Clover Farm, I started by pruning the raspberry canes. I took out all … Continue reading

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Merciless gardening

  Just as the rats must die, seedlings must die as well. Seed starting invariably involves the process of thinning, which is a nice way of saying purposely killing some of the plants. When I planted my tomato seedlings, I planted them … Continue reading

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Rats, worms, moles, and dirt

Before I discuss some of the nasty beasts in my garden, I wanted to start with the pretty blossoms of the mini peach and nectarine trees in the greenhouse. I think I’m going to do some hand pollinating in there today. … Continue reading

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Thwarting moles, greenhouse plantings, and the final 2010 carrot harvest

As I’ve mentioned before, we have industrial grade moles in our yard. When we put in most of the raised beds, we didn’t mole-proof them. It just didn’t occur to us. Well, it occurred to us that we had a problem … Continue reading

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