Photo album: Greenhouse in February, 2010

Raised beds in the greenhouse

Raised beds in the greenhouse

I love my greenhouse.  This will be the second full year we’ve had the structure and I continue to be thankful that we have it. Although we don’t use it exactly as originally planned (we were never able to get the heat sink concept to work out quite right and we did eventually end up wiring it for electricity for emergency winter heating situations), it has definitely allowed us to extend our gardening season and garden enjoyment. Plus, it’s a great place to read on a sunny spring day. Here are a few shots of what’s going on in the greenhouse this February.

Overwintered cabbage

Overwintered cabbage

Cabbage wasn’t exactly my best crop last year.  I had insect problems and it just seemed too fussy.  But look as this beauty! Late last summer I planted a batch of cabbage that wasn’t able to make much progress before winter set in.  This lovely cabbage is one of four plants that survived the winter and now appears to be thriving.  Behind it, I have a patch of Swiss chard which overwintered nicely as well.

Celery, February 2010

Celery, February 2010

This celery was planted last spring.  I harvested it through the summer and fall, using it to flavor the tomato sauce I made last year.  I left it place all winter and recently just tidied it up a bit by cutting off the ratty parts of the plants.  It looks to me as though it is going to come back.  Another overwintering success.

Andrew pollinating peach trees

Andrew pollinating peach trees

We have two mini-dwarf peach trees growing in half wine barrels in the greenhouse.  Surprisingly, these are already in bloom.  Today I asked Andrew to make like a bee and hand pollinate the little trees.  He was extra gentle. And extra cute.

Planted today in the greenhouse:  Shallots, carrot seeds (King Midas), lettuce seeds (Merveille des Saisons), spinach seeds (Bloomsdale), Chinese cabbage seedlings, broccoli seedlings, and Brussel sprouts seedlings.


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9 Responses to Photo album: Greenhouse in February, 2010

  1. kitsapFG says:

    I love your greenhouse too. It is a really lovely open design and seems to be so functional for you. That cabbage is a beauty – well done!

    The picture of Andrew pollinating the fruit blossoms is precious. What a cutie!

  2. So envious of your space and greenhouse! And what a cutie patootie. He just needs some bee wings. 🙂

  3. Derek says:

    I promise this spring/summer I’ll insulate (spray foam, anyone?) and finish the interior of the greenhouse with exterior-grade plywood. That way it’ll stay warmer in the winter and we won’t have mildew buildup on the studs.

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