Seed starting chaos

Seed packettes

Seed packets

 I buy too many seeds. There are two reasons for this: 1. I can’t resist the plant descriptions and always buy more varieties than I really need, and 2. My seed storage is such a mess I can never stay on top of what I already have.  I have seeds shoved into plastic bags and containers based on no system whatsoever.  Whenever I need a particular type of seed, I have to hunt through the mess to find what I need.  In spite of this, I did manage to find what I needed today and was able to get the following started: 


  • Super Italian Paste (8)
  • San Marzano (8)
  • Roma (4)
  • Bloody Butcher (4)


  • Pepperoccini (4)
  • Italian Sweet (4)
  • King of the North (4)
  • Alma Paprika (4)


  • Cactus-flowered Zinnias (16)
  • African Marigold (8)
Organized seed tower

Organized seed tower

Last year I didn’t start any annual flowers under grow lights, but I decided to give it a try this year.  I love zinnias in particular and it is easy to spend $3.50 on a single nice plant.  The 16 plants I just started would cost $56 at a nursery.  Not bad for a $2 pack of seeds. 

The messy seed situation did inspire me take charge today and get things organized.  I bought a stackable organizer and sorted the seeds into groups.  Hopefully this will help me cut down on overbuying and do a better job of using up the seeds I already have. 

Happy gardening! 


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5 Responses to Seed starting chaos

  1. kitsapFG says:

    I need to follow your lead and do a reorg of my seed inventory. I have it in a couple of separate stashes – small packets and containers/current year supply, two coffee cans that has my emergency seed reserve (in case of job loss or the end of the world as we know it! LOL!), and a box that has my cover crops and big packages of beans and peas and corn etc. I tend to go through them periodically for fun so I stay on top of it fairly well, but it really does get to be a mess after a while.

  2. Wow those are well organized by my organization but was planning to do something about it soon. great idea!

  3. Glad you found my blog, because now I found your blog. Love it!
    I am just starting growing my own, and plan to have fruit trees, so let me know if you see any benefit from oiling your trees.

  4. chiotsrun says:

    Looks GREAT! Good idea.

  5. sustainableeats says:

    Followed Chiots Run’s comment back and saw mine. I have this piece of S*&! laptop that does the wackiest things. I swear I don’t speak that insensibly. :p

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