Birds and bees and kiwi

Chickens, February 2010

Chickens, February 2010

After a brief winter hiatus, the chickens are now laying at normal levels again.  From our eight chickens, we’re getting 5 – 6 eggs a day, which translates into over three dozen eggs a week.  For a family of four, that is a lot of eggs.  As a result, we end up sharing a good number of the eggs.  Between relatives, neighbors, and my son’s school, it is really easy to find takers for home-grown, fresh eggs. Lily has also decided that she would like to have a weekend egg stand. She’s painted her signs and is ready to set up shop, charging $0.25 per egg.

Bee on rhodie in February

Bee on rhodie in February

Last week, I shared a photo of Andrew hand pollinating the mini peach trees in the greenhouse.  This week, I saw my first bee of the season, which looks to me like a bumblebee.  It was fun to see this little guy buzzing around. 

Speaking of bees, I have some exciting bee news.  I found a local orchard mason bee expert who is going to set up a bee colony in my orchard.  This is just what my orchard needs! I’m pretty excited to learn all about caring for orchard mason bees.

The weather was so beautiful today I stopped by a local nursery.  I had a gift certificate to use, so I just had to buy some things, right?  Well, I found a Issai kiwi vine that is self-fertile that supposedly begins fruiting early, after just a few seasons. This would be great.  I have another kiwi vine (self-fertile as well) that has been in the ground for five years already and so far nothing.  It will interested to see if the Issai starts producing before the more established vine.

With that, I’ll sign of and start thinking about what I am going to do in the garden tomorrow, which is supposed to be just as nice as today was.


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3 Responses to Birds and bees and kiwi

  1. kitsapFG says:

    Bees in the garden make me smile. All is right with the world when the bumblers go about their work. 😀

    That is quite an egg haul! I wish I lived closer, I would buy eggs from Lily and keep her business thriving!

    Got out into the garden myself today (after taking care of the weekly shopping and getting my hair cut). Prepped the pea patch so I can plant it up tomorrow. Early this year, but the soil temp is definitely warm enough. I am still going to cover it in plastic for a few weeks though just to be on the safe side.

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  3. Mom says:

    So Lily will be like Barba Kingsolver’s Lily, with her own egg business!

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