The greenhouse that keeps on giving & my albino carrot

Bloody Butcher tomatoes in the greenhouse

Bloody Butcher tomatoes in the greenhouse

A couple of weeks ago I thought I had picked the last tomatoes of the season. I was wrong. Last weekend I was sure it would be the last. Wrong again. The tomatoes keep on coming. This will end soon, though, because the nighttime temperatures are really dropping. The sky was clear last night and the temperatures had the first big drop of the season, flirting with a first frost.

Harvested tomatoes

Harvested tomatoes

Surely, this basket will be the last of the season. Surely.

Albino St. Valery carrot

Albino St. Valery carrot

Who knew? Carrots can be albinos. I picked some carrots this week and was surprised by the light color of one of the carrots. Intrigued, I did a little research and found out that once in a while a recessive gene in carrots will result in an albino. I’ll let you know if it tastes any different.

I’ll end today with a round up of posts from the A Day in the Slow Life meme started a few weeks ago by Toni at Backyard Feast. So far, Laura from Modern Victory Garden and Heather at Heather’s Homemaking have added posts about a day in their sustainable lives. Enjoy.



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7 Responses to The greenhouse that keeps on giving & my albino carrot

  1. kitsapFG says:

    That is amazing that you are getting tomatoes still! I finally pulled the zucchini and the cucumber plants as the cold dip had them looking quite sickly. In all my years of gardening, I don’t ever recall getting an albino carrot. I wonder what the odds are of getting one?

  2. thyme2garden says:

    You know, I just saw some carrots at the grocery store that looked just like your albino carrot. I think the store called them yellow carrots. I thought they looked like small parsnips. Your tomatoes look great for this time of the year!

  3. Wild carrots – Queen Anne’s Lace – have white roots so it’s interesting that it’s a recessive gene or perhaps a different set of genes is at play. I know they can cross and occasionally wild carrot genes will get into seed stock which some say will make the root have a slightly off / bitter taste or a tingling in the tongue. There are also varieties of white/yellow/purple etc… domesticated carrot.

    We’re having a late season too though the tomatoes are alive but no longer producing.

  4. Daphne Gould says:

    Beautiful basket of tomatoes. I can’t believe I’m getting tomatoes still either. It has been a strange year. I keep hoping that next year is “normal”, but do we ever get a normal year?

    I’ve never gotten an albino carrot. You will have to let us know what it tastes like.

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  7. Meral says:

    I planted a patch of carrots last autumn, and the whole lot turned out albino, looking just like the one in the photo above ! A few of them had pinkish skins. I steamed some & found they did taste more or less the same as normal carrots, but sort of milder (same when eaten raw).

    At first I thought maybe some mineral was lacking in the soil, and didn’t believe albino carrots existed till I checked the internet.

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