Dear Big Leaf Maple

Big Leaf Maple

Big Leaf Maple

Dear Big Leaf Maple,

Although I’ve tried for a number of years to be friends, it’s just not working out. Not to be rude or anything, but you are in the way. You see, I have plans. Big plans. And I just can’t do them with you around. I know it’s harsh. You are probably shocked I came right out and just said it. I could have spared your feelings, but it would have been disingenuous. With some relationships, the only ending is a bad ending. This is one of them.

Without you around, my days will be much sunnier. You simply cast too large of a shadow. It gets me down. Plus, I have other friends just like you and they are not in the way. They know their place.

Yes, we did have some good times. You were great to have around on a hot sunny day. But you see, those days are few and far between here. You just don’t fit in. So, my decision has been made. It’s over. I’m sorry you only lived to be thirty-five. But good-bye.


P.S. I’m sure you’ll find some great new friends who like you much better as fire wood.

P.P.S. I’m SORRY! šŸ˜¦

R.I.P. Big Leaf Maple

R.I.P. Big Leaf Maple


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8 Responses to Dear Big Leaf Maple

  1. kitsapFG says:

    Oh I have several trees on my property I would love to take down to open up the garden area to sun – but my husband is the Lorax I think, because he “speaks for the trees” and is just mortified that I would want to do such a thing. (sigh)

  2. Sandy, we are contemplating exactly this drastic action this fall–congratulations on your courage! šŸ™‚ We have a beautiful true cedar that was obviously meant as the focal point of the original ornamental garden. It’s grown tall and strong and the birds love it all winter. But we don’t want an ornamental garden, and the tree is casting a long shadow on one of my biggest planting beds….we’re playing “should I stay or should I go” with this one!

  3. Mike R says:

    Sometimes you just gotta cut a tree down. I’ve thinned a number of trees the last two years, most of them less than a foot in diameter. Now that they are gone the area around the house has opened up and gets more breeze, and the trees that are left should fill out better. But I always take a long time to decide whether to cut a tree or not.

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