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Photo album: The garden in March

I finally finished the giant weeding project! Now, on to more fun things. It looks like hand pollinating the mini peach trees in the greenhouse was successful.  Both trees have set a lot of fruit.  The lettuce boxes we built a few … Continue reading

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The bees arrive, the tomato seedlings rally, and pink blueberries!

 Just as I was about to embark on a series of beekeeping classes, I found Steve the bee guy on Craigslist. Steve offered to help me set up an orchard mason bee house. This was great timing because my schedule was … Continue reading

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Dangmoles, greenhouse greens, and alpine strawberries

I’ve complained about moles so much that my four-year-old son thinks the official name for a mole is “dangmole.” “Look, it’s a dangmole hole!” We’ve had problems with moles in this yard forever, so I’m not sure why it didn’t occur … Continue reading

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Early spring gardening and delayed gratification

One nice thing about keeping a gardening blog is that you can go back to previous posts and remember what you did and enjoyed about the year before. This is especially nice when the garden requires lots of work but … Continue reading

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Arrested development: Tomato seedling diagnostic help needed

Hmm.  This isn’t looking good.  I planted these tomato seedlings a little over two weeks ago. The seeds germinated pretty quickly for tomato seeds and started to grow. I kept the grow lights low so the plants wouldn’t get too … Continue reading

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