Potatoes & raspberries

La Ratte and Yukon Gold potatoes

La Ratte and Yukon Gold potatoes

It was a stunningly beautiful weekend so, of course, I did venture forth into the garden to do some gardening. I decided to pace myself and do just a few of the many tasks on my to-do list this weekend. First up, I planted the potatoes. I decided that this year I would keep my potato crop a bit smaller and mostly use them for fresh eating. As such, I only planted two variety, La Ratte and Yukon Gold. Both are tasty and versatile, working well in potato soups and salads.

Raspberries before pruning

Raspberries before pruning

Secondly, I decided to prune the raspberry beds. The raspberries were already producing a lot of new growth. I needed to remove the old shoots that would not produce this year and cut back those that will fruit this year. Tom at Tall Clover Farm has a great raspberry pruning tutorial if you need pruning 101 basics. The goats were really happy I took on this task today because they love raspberry leaves as much as blackberries.

Raspberries after pruning

Raspberries after pruning

And here’s the after shot. It was actually quite a bit of work to get these two beds under control, but I’m glad it’s done.

For those of you not entirely sick of hearing about our solar panel installation, just a quick FYI that I’ve added a solar log page to the site. You can find it under the big header picture at the top of the page.

I hope you enjoyed the sunny weekend as much as I did.



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3 Responses to Potatoes & raspberries

  1. kitsapfg says:

    What a gorgeous weekend it was. The raspberry patch looks beautiful after it’s tidy up and hair cut. My raspberry patch is definitely popping with new growth now. When the weather is as fine as it has been the past two days – one is looking for chores like pruning the raspberries just to have an excuse to be out and about in it!

  2. Tom Conway says:

    Yikes, time for me to get out and prune my raspberries. The place is looking great!

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