Solar panel installation

Main panel installation

Main panel installation

It’s been an exciting week! The Puget Sound Solar crew arrived and installed all of our Silicon Energy panels. These panels are made in Washington state and qualify for the highest energy incentives. Above, you can see 33 of our 45 panel installation.

Second panel installation location

Second panel installation location

And here are the final 12 panels.

Solar panel inverters

Solar panel inverters

The installation obviously includes a lot of electrical components, including the two inverter boxes you see above. I’ll leave it to Derek to write a post detailing all the technical aspects of this system.

So, it’s all set and everything works, but the system needs to go through a final inspection and the power company needs to install a new meter before we can officially turn it on, which we hope to do this week. We’re super close now!



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5 Responses to Solar panel installation

  1. Cathie van Veen says:

    Congrats on this accomplishment! This is a really big deal! 🙂

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  3. kitsapfg says:

    This is such an exciting improvement! I really look forward to hearing how it does in implementation.

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