Game On! Al Gore, we accept your challenge

Welcome to The Zero Fossil Fuel 10 Year Challenge. This site was created in response to Al Gore’s challenge to America to get to zero fossil fuel-based energy usage within 10 years. I am a mom in a so-called typical American family. My husband and I have two children (ages 4 and 2), two full-time jobs, and a suburban lifestyle. We have a comfortable life and little material incentive to change. Gas prices are annoying, but not (at this point) affecting our standard of living (although I am highly aware this is not the case for millions of other American families). So even though we don’t have to, I believe in my heart that we are at a critical point in our history and that we must rise to the challenge now to make significant changes, even if this changes our lifestyle over time.

To Al Gore I say, “I’m in.” To reach this goal, we will need to make changes on many levels, national, state, local and individual.  I am committing to changes at the individual and family level to get to this goal within 10 years. Since I am not a trained environmentalist, I (along with my family), will have much to learn. I hope others will be able to leverage these learnings along with us. A couple of early thoughts about how we will approach this:

1. I see this as a long-term lifestyle evolution and do not plan to make immediate radical changes. My husband and I will map out long-term approach to getting to this goal. And we’ll work on this in an incremental, step-by-step way.
2. Our plan, as it evolves, will be based on the idea that it should be realistically do-able. As such, we will likely set an annual budget for making these changes, probably something in the range of a monthly car payment for a typical mid-sized car.
3. I will look at this as a great opportunity to connect more with family and my local community.

Learn more from Mr. Gore himself:


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