Tomato seedlings

Tomato seedlings

Tomato seedlings

Unlike years past, my tomato seedlings are doing great this year! In the photo, you can see the tomato seedlings I just repotted. I lifted the lights up away from the plants just to take the photo. Normally, the lights are just a few inches above the tops of the plants. The plants in the photo look so short because I buried most of the stems in the soil. The stems will root, creating a stronger root base for the plant. This year I am growing five varieties. Two for sauce: Roma and San Marzano. Two slicers: Mandarin Cross and Cherokee Purple. And a cherry: Sun Gold. I won’t plant all 26 plants, so my local gardening friends will be offered the extras.

As for non-gardening news, our solar installation begins on Monday. Derek will blog updates on the installation process.



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2 Responses to Tomato seedlings

  1. kitsapfg says:

    I repotted tomatoes on Saturday too! And we have a big project kicking off on Monday as well (removing several trees). We must be living in a parallel universe. ;D

    Your tomato plants look great. Your lights look like the same ones I have (bought them a few years ago as my overflow lights and liked them so much they are not my primary light set up).

  2. Laura, I’m really excited for you about the tree removal. It has made a huge difference in our yard. In addition to vastly improving the situation for our solar installation, this has allowed me to plan more fruit trees. 🙂 Not that I really need any more.


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