A good energy usage report!

July electricity and gas usage

July electricity and gas usage

Contrary to most people, I look forward to seeing our monthly electricity and gas bill. I’m always hopeful that the numbers will show year-over-year energy reduction. Our latest bill showed great progress!

July kWh production

July kWh production

At the same time, we produced 919 kWhs with our solar panels during this billing cycle, which means we produced more than we consumed. This is the great thing about a grid-tied system. Extra production goes back into the pool for general usage and does not get wasted.



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1 Response to A good energy usage report!

  1. kitsapfg says:

    I would be excited to open my utility bill too if I had the trends you are seeing! Your solar installation and other efficiency steps are really paying off. Thank you for the inspiration. It is clear that we can truly make a difference both with big and small changes.

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