Gardening 2011 has just commenced!

First batch of seedlings, 2011

First batch of seedlings, 2011

Hello everyone. I haven’t posted since last fall because I decided to take the winter off from blogging. It was good to take a break, but it is also good to be back! As you can see from above, I’ve started my first batch of seedlings. I’ve planted ‘Spring Mix’ lettuce, ‘Lacinato’ kale, ‘Rosette’ bok choy tatsoi, and Wong Bok Chinese cabbage. In addition, I’ll be following the planting directions of Laura at The Modern Victory Garden. I really look to Laura as my gardening mentor. If you are local to the Pacific Northwest, I suggest you start reading her blog. You’ll have a much better garden for doing so.

Overwintered carrots

Overwintered carrots

The other thing I wanted to share is that even though it is winter, we still have edibles in our garden. Last week, I harvested a bunch of sage leaves for an Italian bean dish I was cooking. Today, I harvested a bunch of carrots. They have held up well over the winter and have a really nice sweet taste. The kids gobbled them up.

Here’s to great gardening in 2011!



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5 Responses to Gardening 2011 has just commenced!

  1. kitsapFG says:

    Dont’ you just love playing in the dirt – even in the middle of winter?! I know I sure do! Thank you for the kind words Sandy. I am getting ready to do my first round of serious seed starting next weekend. Only problem is… the seeds I need (onions) have yet to arrive?! Hopefully they will make an appearance this week. This happened to me last year too with the onion seeds. This weekend, I kept my garden hunger appeased by cleaning the greenhouse panels (inside and out) and combining some compost piles. The greens growing in the greenhouse will appreciate the removal of the green slime that was blocking the feeble winter sun! 😀

  2. Laura is my mentor as well. Sandy, I’ve missed your posts! Love your stubby carrot man. Sometimes I just want to dress them up and photograph them.. ;p

    Starting seeds this weekend as well – tomatoes, kale, lettuce, brassicas. I’m ready!!!

  3. Derek says:

    Tell me where to build the raised beds so we can have even more bok choy!

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