This carrot’s a winner & the tomatoes rally

St. Valery carrots

St. Valery carrots

These St. Valery carrots have been the best producing carrots of the season. See the little guy at the bottom of the picture? It is another variety planted at the same time as the St. Valery carrots, but that variety hasn’t produced nearly the size. The St. Valery carrots have a nice, classic carrot taste. I give them two carrots up and will definitely grow them again next year.

Recently harvested tomatoes

Recently harvested tomatoes

To my great surprise, the tomatoes in the greenhouse are not yet done. I thought I had processed my last batch of tomatoes last weekend, but I was wrong. Although I know it will be over soon, it’s really great to still be getting fresh tomatoes.



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3 Responses to This carrot’s a winner & the tomatoes rally

  1. kitsapFG says:

    That looks like a good carrot variety. I am kind of picky about my carrots (like the Nantes varieties particularly) and appreciate a good grower with a nice shape and good taste.

    Congratulations on the continued tomato harvest. I am getting a good haul from the tomatoes I brought indoors to ripen, but they will soon be done and the tomato plants have all given it up for the season.

  2. I second the carrot choice.


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