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For all the garden geeks out there – my “hot” bed

This spring has been cold and wet. We’re a few days away from May and it is still cold and wet. Fearing a year with wimpy tomato production (again), I took some drastic measures. I created a “hot” grow bed … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday: Dill

Aside from lettuce, we haven’t harvested much this week aside from herbs. We used some parsley in a potato salad yesterday and also harvested some dill. I think we’ll use this on potatoes as well. All the herbs in our garden our … Continue reading

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Bees, basil, lemons, and eggs

Steve the bee guy installed the orchard mason bee condo a few days ago. Last year, Steve and I worked out a nifty arrangement. He uses my yard as a base for an orchard mason bee colony and I get … Continue reading

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Harvests: Bok choy, lettuce, and onions

Recently, I’ve been posting about spring gardening tasks. I haven’t been posting as much about our spring harvests, which really are more fun. Today, I harvested a first batch of bok choy to be cooked in a stir fry. Last week … Continue reading

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Take that moles & a new project commences

Today, we finished the mole proofing project. All told, we dug out eight existing raised beds, installed hardware cloth, and then refilled the beds. We also built two new beds, installing the hardware cloth up front this time. Take that … Continue reading

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Breakfast in the garden

If I lived in the sunny south, it would be possible to breakfast in the garden with a nice plate of eggs and coffee (if I drank coffee) and enjoy myself as the sun warms the day and awakens the … Continue reading

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