Green beans and a new venture

Green beans

Green beans

I’ve had trouble with green beans this year. Even though I waited until the weather improved before planting, I had to replant both my pole beans and my bush beans. Birds might have been a factor, but germination seemed to be a problem as well. I guess the soil wasn’t warm enough after all. I’m now getting my first beans and look forward to having fresh beans over the next few weeks.

What did you harvest this week? Post to Daphne’s Dandelions Harvest Monday.

Now on to my new venture! Now that I feel quite confident with my canning skills, I’m going to learn all about fermentation. I bought the Real Food Fermentation book and have started reading it cover to cover. Hopefully I’ll do better than the last time I tried to make fermented pickles. I already think I know what I did wrong. Let’s start with the need to create an air-tight environment, which I most certainly did not do last time. To remedy this, I’ve bought a fermentation crock. I’m also trying the Pickl-It system. I’ll keep everyone updated on my fermentation learning and will gladly welcome tips and recipes.



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7 Responses to Green beans and a new venture

  1. Little Sis says:

    I have been completely bedeviled by my beans this year. The bugs have been wiping that out at every stage – had to replant twice and I’ve only gotten a handful of beans because they get eaten before I get there. Glad you are getting some and hoping I can get ahead of these little turkeys. Happy to hear about your fermentation experiments – have been curious, but am more than glad to let someone learn in front of me. 😉

  2. kitsapFG says:

    I seemed to have timed my bean planting right this year. I had a bad germination rate last year because the soil stayed so cool for so long. This year is better, but still they are only just now flowering profusely and putting on production. I have alot more planted though so I should be swimming in beans imminently.

    I have a good crock for fermenting too and it does make a big difference. I am still not all that skilled at it though and only have a few things that I like to ferment because I know they will turn out and that we will eat them afterwards (my husband is kind of picky about fermented foods).

  3. zentMRS says:

    We decided not to plant beans this year, but I am regretting that decision as I see everyone’s harvests.

  4. Michelle says:

    Last year was my trouble year for beans, but this year they are doing well. There’s always something in the garden that isn’t happy – peppers this year. Oh well. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of your new venture.

  5. Wow! Fermentation seems pretty hardcore. I just found the courage to can using BWB. I thinking using the pressure cooker is a year or two away! Good luck with your fermentation.

  6. We already have some (small) experience with fermentation. Back when we were in graduate school, I brewed some pretty good (if I say so myself) brown ale.

  7. maryhysong says:

    I’ve had bean germination problems this year too; some old seed, some toads digging, some birds, rabbits, squirrels and some rotting. Usually I’m over run with beans by now and I’ve only had one picking all summer. Fermentation is pretty easy over all and lots of fun.

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