Pretty as a peach

Mini-dwarf peach tree fruit

Mini-dwarf peach tree fruit

Even though I almost killed the peach and nectarine trees in the greenhouse last winter (I totally forgot about watering them for months), the trees rallied this spring and came fully back to life after a few weeks of watering. Not only did they recover, they set fruit this year and the peaches are coming along nicely. These peaches need a few more weeks to ripen, but luckily it looks as though our peach tree in the orchard also pollinated fairly well this year and we might get another crop of peaches later in the summer. Here’s how that peach tree looked in late August last year. Hopefully we’ll have similar results this year, provided we get an actual summer, something Cliff Mass suggests we might on his weather blog.

Strawberries in June

Strawberries in June

In addition to peach progress, the strawberries are just beginning to ripen. I nibbled on both white and red alpine strawberries today as well as standard strawberries. We’re supposed to get some sun over the next few days and that would help the strawberries tremendously. It would be nice to have enough to harvest by Sunday evening.

With the berries starting to ripen, I’ll probably make my first batch of jam soon. We never seem to have enough classic strawberry jam. We go through it so fast. Now that I have three strawberry beds I should be able to make a good amount of jam, provided we get enough sun for the berries to ripen.

Here’s to the start of berry season!



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1 Response to Pretty as a peach

  1. kitsapFG says:

    Thanks for posting that link to Cliff Mass’s weather blog. His pod cast on the summer outlook made me feel much better! LOL!

    I am also looking forward to a few days of sun. The garden is really poised to grow like wildfire if we just got a little warmer and some sunshine.

    Those peaches and strawberries look wonderful. 😀

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