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Andrew’s carrot

Andrew wanted to have his own garden this year, so I let him use a half wine barrel for planting his seeds. He planted peas, carrots, and turnips and everything has done well. He’s especially happy with his carrots, the … Continue reading

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Green beans and a new venture

I’ve had trouble with green beans this year. Even though I waited until the weather improved before planting, I had to replant both my pole beans and my bush beans. Birds might have been a factor, but germination seemed to … Continue reading

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Berries & artichokes

Strawberry season is officially over, but the blueberries and raspberries are going strong. In fact, the raspberries are fantastic this year. We have a few different varieties of raspberries planted (I’ve lost track of exactly what we have though) and … Continue reading

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A good energy usage report!

Contrary to most people, I look forward to seeing our monthly electricity and gas bill. I’m always hopeful that the numbers will show year-over-year energy reduction. Our latest bill showed great progress! At the same time, we produced 919 kWhs … Continue reading

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Garlic & potatoes

My softneck garlic starting flopping over earlier in the week, so I knew it was time to harvest. Harvesting garlic is easy (just pull from the ground), but curing is an important step for long-term storage. After the garlic dries … Continue reading

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Pie cherries

Pie cherries are a lovely fruit and fortunately they grow well in the Pacific Northwest. We grow Montmorency pie cherries, which offer a classic tart pie cherry flavor. Unfortunately, after changing up our garden plans, I attempted to move an … Continue reading

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2513 kwhs and sun ahead

We’ve just passed the 2500 kwh mark with our solar panels! According to our solar log, this means we are averaging 28.55 kwhs/day, which isn’t so bad considering that we’ve just gone through our annual June gloom. So, we’re now … Continue reading

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