2513 kwhs and sun ahead

Production reading on July 1, 2012

Production reading on July 1, 2012

We’ve just passed the 2500 kwh mark with our solar panels! According to our solar log, this means we are averaging 28.55 kwhs/day, which isn’t so bad considering that we’ve just gone through our annual June gloom. So, we’re now at 88 days of production and our $0.54 kwh energy credit means that we’ve earned $1,357 back on the system so far. And, luckily, it appears as though we have some sunny skies ahead, which should push our daily average up over the next few months. Looks like summer will indeed start on July 5th this year — something we in the Seattle area joke about often.

Weather forecast

Weather forecast

Enjoy the coming sun!



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1 Response to 2513 kwhs and sun ahead

  1. kitsapFG says:

    Hurrah for sunshine and hurrah for your solar panels that are proving their worth so soon after installation!

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