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DIY lidded mason jar glass

So I was at the hardware story today buying fly strips (exciting, I know) when I saw something clever. Being sold in bundles of two were lidded mason jars with straws. I was intrigued, and probably would have bought a … Continue reading

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First blueberry and tomato

The blueberries are coming! We’re just a week or two away from our first batch of mixed berry jam (Lily’s favorite) and blueberries for fresh eating. This year, I’ve got about 5 bushes with a good amount of blueberries and probably … Continue reading

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Strawberry jam, peaches, and peas

I picked enough strawberries today to make my first batch of jam. It was a half batch, but I’ll take it! With our wet weather, the strawberry patch has been doing OK, but I do have some fruit that has … Continue reading

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It’s cherry season! Not all cherries do well in our cooler Seattle weather, so I am happy to report that the Glacier cherry tree we planted a few years ago is doing well and providing tasty cherries. In addition to the … Continue reading

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Tomatoes & hummingbirds

In spite of the wet, cool conditions outside, the tomatoes in the greenhouse are putting on signficant growth and are starting for form tomatoes. This year, we’re doing something new to trellis the Sungold tomatoes, which get huge in our greenhouse. … Continue reading

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Salad fixin’s

Andrew (age 6) is very excited about the salad we are going to have with dinner tonight because he picked a bunch of the ingredients. In addition to lettuce, we will be adding the pea pods, garlic chives, and alpine … Continue reading

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Perfect apples: It’s in the bag

Last year, I tried using nylon socks to protect my apples from pests for the first time. The results were fantastic. So I’m back at it this year, although I’m changing it up a bit. Last time, I used orthodontic … Continue reading

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Basil & bugs

It’s looking like we’re going to have a great year for basil. I’m growing two types this year, large leaf (left above)and Greek basil (on the right). Basil is a plant that really benefits from pinching. First, it prevents the … Continue reading

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