I just impulse purchased turkeys – oh boy!

Baby heritage turkeys

Baby heritage turkeys

Going to the feed store in early spring the same day the latest batch of new poultry arrived led to an “impulse purchase” that had me thinking “What did I just do?!?” on the drive home. Yes, I impulse purchased two turkeys. I blame it on my subscriptions to Hobby Farms magazine and Mother Earth News. Both have had articles in the last year about all the interesting heritage breeds of turkeys. I’m a sucker for a good poultry article and obviously also susceptible to impulse poultry purchases.

The lady at the feed store wasn’t entirely sure what breeds these are. All the heritage turkeys were mixed up in a batch together. She thinks the blond turkey is a Midget White and the black is a Black Spanish Turkey. We’ll have to wait until they mature to know for sure. The heritage breeds all have distinctive looks so it shouldn’t be hard to tell later on.

So now the big question. Are these Thanksgiving turkeys? That’s actually what I was thinking when I bought them, but the kids began protesting immediately. Apparently, they don’t like the idea of eating their pets. Andrew, at least, has agreed that if the turkeys turn into nasty beasts like our rooster Roo, then they can be eaten. Apparently, the turkeys hold their own fate in their wings.



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3 Responses to I just impulse purchased turkeys – oh boy!

  1. kitsapfg says:

    You need to learn my trick when going into the feedstore in spring time…. you literally turn your head the other way and walk as FAST as you can past the holding areas for the various chicks. If you dare let your eyes rest upon their darling sweetness… you are doomed. 😉

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