Moving day, turkey housing stage 2

Poultry box

Poultry box

When we first bring home baby poultry, we keep them in a plastic storage tub in the house. This arrangement works out well for about a week and then the poultry needs to move to a larger home. The last time we had baby chicks, Derek built a wooden box for them. The nice thing about this box is that he can easily flatten it for storage by simply unscrewing the sides. This year, Derek added another element to the box, a nice hinged and screened in top cover. The top, too, will easily come off for storage.

Turkeys in the poultry box

Turkeys in the poultry box

With the box fully set up and ready to go, the turkeys moved into their new home. They look really small in the box now, but within a month we will need to move them to their next home, a chicken tractor out in the pasture.



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  1. kitsapfg says:

    Now that is a nice chick incubator box!

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