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Moving day, turkey housing stage 2

When we first bring home baby poultry, we keep them in a plastic storage tub in the house. This arrangement works out well for about a week and then the poultry needs to move to a larger home. The last … Continue reading

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That had to hurt

While there is a normal variation in egg size depending on the type of chicken, most of our eggs fall into the medium category. Every once in awhile, though, one of the ladies lays a doozie. As you can see, … Continue reading

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Evening Grossbeaks

A flock of Evening Grossbeaks stopped by for a snack today and Derek took some shots. True to their reputation, the cleaned out our feeder. Pretty birds. Sandy

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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope you take a moment today to appreciate this lovely place we all call home and think about even one small thing you can do this year to help the old gal out as we … Continue reading

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I just impulse purchased turkeys – oh boy!

Going to the feed store in early spring the same day the latest batch of new poultry arrived led to an “impulse purchase” that had me thinking “What did I just do?!?” on the drive home. Yes, I impulse purchased … Continue reading

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Asparagus “stump” soup

This is a repost from last year. I’m reposting this to kick off asparagus season and to cheer my friend Kelly on as she makes her first batch. After reading the latest post on A Posse Ad Esse, I hung … Continue reading

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Reject “stump” garden

On Pinterest, I’ve seen a number of postings lately in which people suggest growing new plants from the root stumps of the veggies they purchase at the grocery store. I’ve never thought about doing this, but it seems like such … Continue reading

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DIY shopping bag using dish towels

I’m home with the kids for spring vacation this week, so we decided to head to the craft store. While there, I saw an idea for easy-to-make grocery shopping bags using tea towels. Since it’s pretty dreary outside, it seemed … Continue reading

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Harvest: Swiss chard and baby garlic

This weekend I harvest a good batch of Swiss chard (Bright Lights) and baby garlic greens (Inchelium red). The Swiss chard in the greenhouse has been going gangbusters! It’s one of those plants where a few plants can quickly start … Continue reading

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Grape pruning, bees, and an essential gardening tool

Grapes need a good pruning each year. They produce more grapes when properly pruned. While there are different methods for pruning grapes, I keep grape pruning pretty simple. I focus on a number of “lead” vines and hack pretty much … Continue reading

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