Harvest: Swiss chard and baby garlic

Swiss chard and baby garlic

Swiss chard and baby garlic

This weekend I harvest a good batch of Swiss chard (Bright Lights) and baby garlic greens (Inchelium red). The Swiss chard in the greenhouse has been going gangbusters! It’s one of those plants where a few plants can quickly start producing volumes, but I’m not always sure what to do with it. I decided this time on a stand-by: vegetarian lasagna with Swiss chard. Of course, this dish is perfect for a nice dash of garlic, so I headed to the intentionally over-planted garlic bed and pulled some baby garlic greens to chop up and add to the lasagna. It was tasty!



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6 Responses to Harvest: Swiss chard and baby garlic

  1. And the lasagne was even better the second time around. I’m a pretty good cook if I say so myself.

  2. maryhysong says:

    looks wonderful and sounds really yummy! I’m going to plant more chard for chicken feed! The girls really love fresh greens!

  3. Barbie says:

    MMM…. lasagna…. and fresh ingrediants from the garden- even better!

  4. pooks says:

    This is my first time at your site and I’m so impressed! You’re an inspiration. As for your harvest, the lasagna sounds wonderful. And of course chard sauteed with garlic is wonderful, plus any tomatoes, herbs, onions, eggplant, squash–anything else you want to toss in! And of course, freeze it, too!

  5. kitsapfg says:

    The chard is gorgeous. It really can be an amazingly productive plant. My young spring planted chard is just starting to get some size on them. Love the visual appeal of the “Bright Lights” chard in the garden and harvest basket – good to eat and pleasing to the eye too!

  6. Liz says:

    Those stalks look really orange, I’ve only ever grown yellow and red, the orange looks beautiful.

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