And back in the greenhouse . . .

Greenhouse floor

Greenhouse floor

The solar project has been the big exciting project of recent weeks, but it’s not the only project underway. In another effort to defeat moles and rats, we’ve decided to install a cement block floor in the greenhouse. Over the last few weekends, we’ve been slowly working on the floor installation. Here you can see one of the sections that we’ve covered. Forty-eight tiles down, another 120+ to go!

Swiss chard in the greenhouse

Swiss chard in the greenhouse

Inside the greenhouse, the Swiss chard doing really well and it’s just plain pretty. This is a mix of ‘Bright Lights’ and another variety.

Cabbage moth?

Cabbage moth?

When I looked closer, I found this guy. It looks to me like a cabbage moth, but I’m not sure. Needless to say, it suffered a tragic (for the caterpillar) fate.

Chickens in the fenced in orchard

Chickens in the fenced in orchard

Outside the greenhouse, I thought I’d show a pic of our flock in the orchard. Last fall, Derek fenced in the orchard and these are the winter quarters for the chickens. As soon as the trees start blossoming and forming baby fruit, we’ll move the chickens to their summer place in the goat pasture. What fancy chickens, they have a winter home and a summer home.



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4 Responses to And back in the greenhouse . . .

  1. kitsapfg says:

    I love the new floor! I know it is a lot of work to put down but what a sharp looking set up you will have when all completed and hopefully it will serve the intended purpose of thwarting entry of unwanted intruders.

    Lucky chickens to have such good care givers. 😀

  2. The chickens are rewarding us. We’re absolutely *swimming* in eggs right now.


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  4. Carie says:

    Great chicken yard! Do you have to move the chickens in the summer? Will they bother the fruit? I was thinking of making my chicken run in the orchard also and thought they would eat up any rotten fruit that falls…thoughts???

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