Fall garden & cute boots

Brussel sprouts

Brussel sprouts

Wow! I might have successfully grown a Brassica! I have terrible luck with pretty much everything in this category. Cabbage becomes bug infested (I know, I need to use BT spray) and broccoli bolts before much of a head has even formed. But look at this. I might actually get some brussel sprouts off this plant. I have been using BT this time, so maybe I’ll end up with something I can actually eat.

Swiss chard and lettuce

Swiss chard and lettuce

Also in the fall garden, I have some nice Swiss Chard Bright Lights growing next to a patch of red leaf lettuce. Both of still looking good.

Tomatoes & peppers

Tomatoes & peppers

Today, I harvested another, although small, batch of tomatoes and peppers. I’ve picked so many in the last few weeks that I don’t have many green fruits left of the plants. This has been a very pleasant surprise given our dismal spring and summer.

New garden boots

New garden boots

Fall gardens are wet. I have a well-worn pair of muck shoes, but I was getting tired of the bottom of my pants and socks getting wet. So, I sprung for some mid cut boots. They are tall enough to keep my pants dry when I tuck them in and I love the little cut out handles for pulling them on. They are way easier to put on than the muck shoes. Plus, they’re cute!

Happy fall gardening.



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4 Responses to Fall garden & cute boots

  1. Daphne Gould says:

    I hope those sprouts size up for you. I’ve yet to grow brussels spouts. I had seed for them one year, but the seed never sprouted. I wonder if it was a sign. Nah. I’m sure I’ll try again some year.

  2. rachel says:

    I’m glad to hear someone else struggles with growing brassicas. This is the second year I’ve planted cabbage (and first year I’ve tried brussel sprouts–my husband loves them) and this is the second year that neither produced a damned thing, except to feed the worms. Honestly, I planted an entire package of brussel sprouts and cabbage, and just his afternoon, ripped them all out (whats left of them anyway). Since we’re not big cabbage eaters I figure this is one of those items I’m going to be purchasing at the farmers market and not bother with next year. Although, I have to say, part of me wants to grow them just to prove to myself I can do it! Congrats on getting your little sprouts to grow!

  3. kitsapFG says:

    Bt is a necessity with cole crops. I just don’t even try to grow them without it anymore. Congratulations on the brussel sprouts. I love them and am kind of sad that I decided to skip growing them this year to make room for other items. As for those garden/mud boots – I have got to get me some of those!

  4. Nancy says:

    Hmmm…maybe a garden boot meme is in order…*: ) Posting mine now!

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