First cukes & beans

Cukes, ready for harvest

Cukes, ready for harvest

I originally started vegetable gardening a number of years ago because I wanted to grow my own cucumbers, lemon cucumber to be specific. For a long time, cucumbers were the only food crop I grew. I expanded my gardening horizons a few years ago, but cucumbers still hold a special place in my heart and I eagerly look forward to the first cucumber harvest of the season.  Cucumber season is now in full force.

Powder mildew on lemon cucumber plants

Powder mildew on lemon cucumber plants

Back to those lemon cucumbers. I find them so lovely and, increasingly, such a pain to grow. Sadly, I might have to cross them off my list of plants to grow each season. Lemon cucumbers can have trouble with powder mildew. My lemon cucumbers seem to always have trouble with powder mildew. I’m really careful not to water them from above. I diligently cut off leaves that are showing signs of mildew. It makes no difference. The garden was neglected for two days while we did a weekend trip and just in that time the mildew has spread like crazy.

Maxibel green bean

Maxibel green bean

In those same few days, the beans have started producing. These Maxibel beans went from little pipsqueek beans to “harvest ASAP” seemingly overnight. Guess it’s time to gear up for bean season.

Happy gardening.



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6 Responses to First cukes & beans

  1. kitsapFG says:

    Beautiful cucumber and green beans! Sorry about the powdery mildew on the lemon cukes – particularly frustrating since you like them so well.

    I found my first cucumber today too, but not quite as far along as yours is. My greenbeans are in the tiny stage but I expect them will zoom to the “harvest ASAP” stage relatively quickly as well. I am looking forward to green bean season – even if it means picking lots of them about every third day for a while. They fill up the winter supply very quickly and I always feel a sense of relief when I get a large stash of them put by for the winter.

  2. I am in full on bean mode. My cukes, however, have been little tiny midgets for weeks and not moving. Are yours in the greenhouse? I think I’m giving up on the cucumbers this year and just buying some. It’s August already! Finally getting ripe tomatoes almost daily but still – yeesh! It’s not like this is Siberia. Is it?

  3. roundrockgarden says:

    Powdery mildew took it’s toll on all my curcurbits this year! UGH! Still, your cukes (and beans) are looking good!

  4. Annette, most of my cukes are in the greenhouse, but I’m also having good luck with “Bushy” cukes growing in pots on the patio. I’ve been really pleased with them and will add them to my “grow again” list. I haven’t had a ripe tomato yet (aside from a few Sungolds), but I’ve got a whole lot of green fruit. I hope they start ripening soon. I want to make another grill-cooked pizza!

    Laura, are you growing any dried beans this year? I’ve planted a pretty big patch of them and look forward to seeing how they do.

  5. Sandy I love Fortex pole beans, amazing haricot verts that stay sweet, crisp and tender even when they exceed 9 inches.

    What apple tree is that shown in the last post? Looks good and healthy.

  6. Hello Tom,

    I have several apple trees (over a dozen), but you must be talking about my favorite apple tree. It was planted before we moved to the house. My best guess is that it is a Winesap on dwarf root stock, but I’m not 100% sure. The apples are lovely.

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